Electrical Outlets and Switches

Perry Electric Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Electrical outlets and switches are common in all homes. They allow us to control our lights and power our devices. Today, many homeowners choose smart switches to control their homes. Perry Electric specializes in installing outlets and light switches. We take the time necessary to ensure you are aware of the latest technology for your home and we make sure we recommend devices that are compatible with your home.

The experts at Perry Electric understand the importance of lighting fixtures and switches. We will install, repair, or maintain the outlets and switches in your home. We make sure each circuit is never overloaded, ensuring a safe installation of the lighting fixtures, power outlets, and wall switches in your home.

Installation and Repairs

Remodeling projects are safer when you hire a certified electrician. Perry Electric has been installing electrical services in Massachusetts for decades. We’ll help with everything from new installations to repairs for faulty electrical outlets and switches.

Some homeowners find they lack enough power outlets in a room to handle all of their power needs. Adding an outlet or switch can make your life easier.

A kitchen remodel may require some rewiring as well. Maybe you want to add pendant lighting over your new kitchen island. Perhaps having a smart dimmer that is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Homekit. We will discuss your options and make sure you upgrade to the best device for your needs.

Top Warning Signs of Bad Outlets and Switches

  • Flickering lights
  • Dead non-operating switch
  • Malfunctioning appliances
  • Smoke or burning smell from switch or outlet
  • Loose sockets
  • Warm or heated switch plate or outlet
  • Spark or popping sound

Call us if you have any of these problems and get them inspected immediately.

NEC Requirements

Perry Electric meets or exceeds all National Electric Code (NEC) requirements. The NEC standards ensure safety in installations of electrical service in the United States. This is used to protect lives and property.

These requirements help homeowners stay safe. There are many codes and rules that Perry Electric follows to ensure your home is safe.

GFCI & AFCI Outlets

The NEC has specific rules to keep you safe. The use of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are part of a safe electrical system.

GFCI protection is required in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, unfinished areas, and outdoors (anywhere where water can create an electrical hazard).

AFCI protection used to be required for only the bedrooms, but requirements have increased to include nearly every room in the home. Perry Electric will inspect and make sure your home meets all code requirements.

We recommend you test your GFCIs and AFCIs each month to make sure your system is working properly.

Learn more about GFI or GFCI outlets:


Though both provide enhanced electrical safety and have similar acronyms, AFCIs and GFCIs protect against very different things. Use this table to learn the differences and values of these safety technologies. Learn more information from ESFI.

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