Residential Backup Generator Installation and Repair

Protect against power outages with Perry Electric

A Residential Backup Generator is how New Englanders hedge against a rough climate. Is your family prepared for a long term power outage? Even if you had a short term power outage, your heating, air conditioning, home lighting, communications, television cable, and telephone service can all be interrupted. How long are you prepared for? The severe weather in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts can affect the safety of your household.

Let Perry Electric Service help your family protect itself against power outages with an automatic back-up generator for your home.

Backup Power Generators

A standby generator will kick in automatically when there is an interruption in your power. This transfer is automatic, so it doesn’t matter if you are home or away. This protection is perfect for short and long term power outages.

Another option is a whole house generator. These are available in customized sizes to match your power consumption and range from 8 – 60 kWs. We base the size on your major appliances. These systems are connected to your existing propane or natural gas. We can install the system for you and you’ll be protected against the next power shortage in your New England town.

A long power loss is a risk to the safety of your home and a medical risk to your family members. A whole house generator will protect your family from short and long-term power outages. Perry Electric Service will guide you along the important step of protecting your home from power outages.

Whole House Backup Generators:

  • Continuous power supply
  • Power for the entire house
  • Automatic transfer of power at outage start
  • Automatic shut off when power returns
  • Functions at all times home or away
  • Works with your LP or Natural Gas
  • Eliminates safety risks from CO because it is outside your home

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